Service Duties

About Us:

Each Sunday, members of our congregation volunteer to perform essential functions before, during, and after the service of Holy Eucharist. Here is a brief description of those duties. If any of these roles interest you, we would be very glad of your help! Please contact our office for more information.

Before the service

  • Altar Guild members take turns preparing the sanctuary for worship. Among their many duties, they clean and maintain the linen and servingware, dress the altar, and keep stock of supplies used in the service.
  • The Choir meets to rehearse the morning’s music and to prepare anthems for special services.
  • Greeters welcome people as they enter the church and distribute the service bulletins.

During the service

  • Readers read aloud the Bible passages for the day.
  • The Choir leads the congregation in hymns and songs of worship.
  • The Cantorusually a member of the choir, leads the singing of the Psalm
  • Sidespeople present the offerings of the people at the altar.
  • Servers assist the priest with the celebration of Holy Eucharist. You can also see them before the service, lighting candles and making final altar preparations.
  • Lay administrators are licensed by the Bishop of the Diocese to help serve the wine at Holy Communion.

After the service

  • the Altar Guild is in action again, clearing and cleaning the altarware.
  • Counters receive and deposit the offerings of the people.
  • Coffee Hosts prepare and serve hot drinks and sweets after the Sunday worship, and help to keep the kitchen tidy.