November 2015 Worship Survey

In November 2015, the Worship Committee conducted a survey on adult (age 18+) parishioners’ level of satisfaction with the Sunday 10 a.m. worship. Specifically, the survey enabled the Worship Committee, for policy planning purposes, to know more about the members of St. Stephen the Martyr, including some demographics, how long they have been members, why they attend Sunday Worship Services, and whether they are satisfied with the style of worship. The responses of 66 members to an eight-question survey instrument, administered during the Sunday worship service on three sequential Sundays, were analyzed. The full analysis can be found here.

A brief summary of some of the results and implications of the survey is as follows:

  • Of 58 respondents, 60% identified themselves as male, and 40% as female. A further eight gave no response, making a total of 66 respondents. The duration of the survey, over three sequential Sundays, was intended to ensure as complete a sample as possible. In 2015, an average attendance on 10 a.m. Sunday services was 60.
  • Under half (46%) of the respondents indicated they had been a member for over ten years, and just half (50%) indicated that they had been a member for less than three years. Only two respondents indicated they had been a member for between three and ten years indicating a significant gap in the current membership. Of interest is that eleven respondents in the age 18 to 35 category, the so called “millennials”, are included in the under three years membership group.
  • The majority of respondents, regardless of age and gender, indicated that they attend worship on a weekly basis, they prefer a blended style of worship (i.e., a mixture of both traditional and contemporary styles), and that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the worship services at St. Stephen the Martyr.
  • 50% of the males and 12% of females, who reported their age (52 did), were under 50 years of age; and 50% of the males and 88% of females were 50 years of age or older. Of interest is that 20% (11) of the respondents are in the aged 19 to 35, the so-called “millennials”.
  • There were ten families among the respondents who indicated they had children at home and a total of five children among these families attend church and all are in the Sunday School.

Some policy planning conclusions based on this ‘snap shot’ survey include:

  • The approach to the recruitment and retention of newcomers over the past three years has been moderately successful and should be continued.
  • The membership is ‘bifurcated’ with a predominance of those aged 19 to 35 in one group; and, those over 65 in another group. Programming for Christian formation, worship, music, volunteering, etc. needs to take into consideration the different needs and interests for these predominant groups.
  • The style of worship, sermons, music, time of service and blending of traditional and contemporary is seen to be acceptable to the majority of the congregation.

A more detailed analysis of the results can be found here. A copy is also posted in the parish hall.