Lenten Studies 2014: The Journey

labyrinth Have you ever been asked by someone, “why on earth would anyone want to be an Anglican? What (weird) things do Anglicans practice? Is it really true that King Henry VIII started the Anglican Church?”….. or other questions about our church to which you have always wanted to know the answer? During the Church’s season of Lent (March 2 to April 20), Rev. Gary will be facilitating a very interesting and informative program for our congregation and anyone else who might be interested. It is called: A Journey of the People of God on the Way and it specifically focuses on what it means to be an Anglican. We will meet for an hour to an hour and one-half each weeks of March 2 nd and April 14 th , at St. Stephen the Martyr Church. You are invited to a half-hour ‘information session’ after the 10 a.m. Service this Sunday March 2nd where we will discuss any questions you might have and decide what is the most suitable day and time we will meet (an evening during the week? On Saturday morning over muffins? Before church on Sunday over muffins? After church on Sunday?). No one can say that he is not ‘flexible’!  : ) Here are some more details about the program: A LENTEN JOURNEY WHAT: A series of six presentations with discussion on the character and values of our Anglican Church, including:

  • Who are we (what are our roots)?
  • What do we do: Baptism, Eucharist, Worship, Prayer, Outreach and Evangelism
  • Our focus on Scripture, Tradition and Reason
  • Our culture of Unity and Diversity

WHY: The series is designed to provide information and discussion for anyone wanting to learn more about our church, including life-long Anglicans, newcomers, adult enquirers, baptismal and confirmation candidates and parents of baptismal candidates. WHEN : There will be half-hour information session after the 10 a.m. Sunday Service March 2nd, in the Fellowship Room. The day and time of the sessions will be discussed and decided at that meeting. The sessions will begin the week of March 9th . WHERE: St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church PRESENTOR:  The Rev’d. Gary Hamblin REGISTRATION :  If you are interested, enter your name on the sign up sheet either on the flip chart in the Parish Hall, or phone Joan in the Church Office – 604-421-0472 — or email ghamblin@shaw.ca, or simply show up! There is hand-out material for each session. A total donation of $10 is requested for the handouts. TOPICS OF THE SIX SESSIONS:

  1. WHO ARE WE? Are all Christians alike? Are we Protestants, Catholic or both? What guides our life? What if I don’t agree? Who’s in charge? Do I have a say?
  2. JOINING THE FAMILY: BAPTISM. What has water to do with it? Modes of Baptism. The Anglican Rite. What if I have already been baptized? Confirmation.
  3. OUR WEEKLY BREAD: THE EUCHARIST . Passover. The Gospels. Paul’s view. The Gospel of John. Flesh and blood, bread and wine. In communion.
  4. PRAYER AND WORSHIP . Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer. The Book of Alternative Services. Understanding Liturgy. Understanding of the Lectionary and Holy Days. Understanding the Calendar.
  5. EVERY MEMBER MINISTRY. What is the Good News? The New Testament Witness. What is so great about Good News? Good News for whom? Societal Ministry: Living out our baptismal covenant.


  • A good grasp of the character and values of the Anglican communion.
  • Appreciation for the Anglican tradition as a faithful expression of the Christian faith.
  • Desire to be involved in the life of the Anglican community.

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